Experienced Leader | Business Professional | Neighborhood Advocate

Minneapolis realtor, Scott Parkin, shares why he's supporting Tim Bildsoe for Ward 3 City Council

An Experienced & Proven Leader

  • President of the North Loop Neighborhood Association
  • 16-years as a City Council Member in Plymouth
  • Served on Housing & Redevelopment Authority,
    Planning Commission, Transit Advisory Commission,
    Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, and
    Environmental Quality Commission
  • 2020 Partners Steering Committee Member

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I’m very proud to live and work in Minneapolis and I look forward to serving all of the people of Ward 3.  We need proven leadership and experience as Minneapolis faces real and growing challenges of affordability, development and neighborhood safety throughout the city.”
— Tim Bildsoe

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As Council Member for the Minneapolis 3rd Ward, Tim Bildsoe will... 

  • Ensure our city is a safe place to live, work, and visit
  • Support continued investment in multi-modal transportation
  • Increase the supply of affordable housing options
  • Recruit and retain small businesses
  • Build partnerships with our neighboring cities
  • Advance the Mississippi Riverfront environment

Elect Tim Bildsoe - DFL

Tim’s decades of service to a suburban community, as a long standing Plymouth City Council member, have prepared him to lead on day one with a roadmap for growth and sustainable prosperity. He is both honored to call the 3rd Ward home and dedicated to serve.  

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