“The role of local government needs to be redefined in Minneapolis, with a laser focus on preventing crime and keeping people safe, supporting small businesses, ensuring pedestrian and bike safety, and providing city services at a reasonable cost.”

Tim Bildsoe is working to…

  • Ensure our city is a safe place to live, work and visit

  • Support investment in multi-modal transportation for easy access to work, school, and recreation

  • Increase the supply of affordable housing options to make Minneapolis more accessible to more people

  • Recruit and retain small businesses to keep our economy thriving

  • Redesign Minneapolis’ website to make it easier for residents to access information and conduct business with the city

  • Build partnerships with our neighboring cities to benefit Minneapolis and the entire region

  • Advance the Mississippi Riverfront environment to protect our resources and create more local jobs

Young professional families and empty-nesters are calling the 3rd Ward home, demanding the best of our multi-generational strategic planning, by proven, committed leaders. The 3rd Ward is the epicenter of economic growth in our city. An experienced community leader, Tim Bildsoe brings to the 3rd Ward a wealth of experience as a champion of economic develop and a steward of his community’s resources. Tim Bildsoe is the visionary leader we need to represent our vibrant community and secure the future for our city.